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City Stops and Schedules

Our city stops and schedules give you options to make easier connections within North Carolina and our destinations beyond.

Local Trains

Is your destination in North Carolina? The Piedmont (Trains 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78) and Carolinian (Trains 79 and 80) offer daily stops between Charlotte and Raleigh.

Amtrak National - Thru Trains

Is your destination outside of North Carolina?

  • Carolinian Trains 79, 80 (Charlotte to Raleigh and the Northeast)
  • Crescent Trains 19, 20 (New Orleans to New York City)
  • Palmetto Trains 89, 90 (New York City to Savannah)
  • Silver Meteor Trains 97, 98 (New York City to Miami)
  • Silver Star Trains 91, 92 (New York City to Miami)

For thru train schedules click train name above.

City Stops Raleigh NC